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it’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on a screen.

A special TWIN PEAKS announcement

i am one happy geek!



Cinema meets science at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, home to one of the largest radio telescopes in the world. 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien will be screening here tonight and tomorrow as part of BFI Sci-Fi. Find out more

Photos: Tim_O_Brien (1-2) Jill Jennings (3-5)


Going to see 20,000 Days on Earth tonight and then tomorrow is probably the most important day of my life that will impact the entire future of life in Scotland. It is both extremely exciting and absolutely terrifying.

"Cause people often talk about being scared of change, but for me I’m more afraid of things staying the same, cause the game is never won by standing in any one place for too long"

this is the definition of my life.

this is the definition of my life.

next time someone says it must be exciting to “work in the movies” i’m going to tell them about all the lonely nights spent testing different pens on clapperboards ……………. i am indeed living the dream!

next time someone says it must be exciting to “work in the movies” i’m going to tell them about all the lonely nights spent testing different pens on clapperboards ……………. i am indeed living the dream!

used to be a picture said a thousands words, nowadays you see a thousand pictures with nothing to say.

i really hope that WAS the google plane flying about ……… otherwise i’ve just flashed my junk at that pilot for no reason.

just spent £73.56 on a new clapperboard from Panavision ……… the fact i’m really excited to get it probably explains why i don’t have a girlfriend

why does david cameron hate britain?

Dear David Cameron,

Sorry for the open letter here but any time I have tried to contact your office I am told that you will not intervene in anything you feel is covered by devolved governments, which seems to be anything from Scotland including emails asking you to personally condemn the recent horrific rapes happening in Glasgow and you don’t seem to reply to any of my tweets either.

I’d just like to know why you appear to hate Britain so much?

You promised in your campaign that you were going to “fix broken Britain” but since then it seems like you’ve gone out of your way to smash any sense of what made us GREAT in the first place.

When I think of great Britain I think of us after the world wars. Upon seeing the suffering of humankind, Britain pulled together to help their fellow man, the NHS made sure nobody had to pay more than the next person for the same basic rights to good health for the common good, we were a untied kingdom building for a united good.

It seemed that you yourself had some of this vision in mind with your “big community” tagline but this now seems to be in contradiction with your actions since then as you’ve done nothing but carve divisions and separation within the country.

You told us we are all in this together and we’ve all got to toughen this out whilst taking a large salary you do not personally need. It would be a very small sacrifice for you to refuse the paycheck given that your home and expenses are paid for, all from the public purse but you say as PM you have no power over what you’re paid and are incapable to do anything about the proposed 11% increase on the table for all MP’s. You seem to have this wrong, no one can actually give you money you don’t want or need, as the most powerful politician in the UK surely only you can control what you do?

Instead you tell those lucky enough to still have jobs they should blame the poor for austerity whilst making sure corporation tax is cut and subsidising industries who privatise their profits and make public their losses. Where does it make sense to subsidise the weapons industry so it can keeping making profit from government contracts or is it only the international contracts from the middle east that they count as profit?

One thing we could call a GREAT British institute WAS the royal mail but that has now been sold, under valued at a loss, although now showing record profits for it’s now private shareholders, most of whom are exactly the kind of secret funds and co-operative tax dodging schemes we were told wouldn’t even be able to do such a thing.

Privatised the same way you apparently want the NHS to be, another GREAT part of Britain up to the highest bidder. Don’t get me wrong, the NHS has problems and many things that could and should be handled by private companies but you seem to think that privatising it COMPLETELY the same way America does is how to make things better, despite our health services already being rated as the best in the world …. Presently at least.

One subject close to me, geographically at least, is why do you want to break up the UK?

I am not a nationalist Scotsman and truly believe we are better together but you don’t seem to agree with me it appears. The odious Alex Salmond has screamed for years for an independence referendum, to many prime ministers, including a fellow Scotsman. He screamed at them all and got nothing. Then almost as soon as you take office there is suddenly the question of YES or NO? But the only question on my mind is WHY?

Why did you give this referendum? No matter what anyone says about the SNP (who I’ve never voted for) and their loud mouthed leader and how they have forced this vote upon us, it’s not, it’s YOU. Why have you decided now is the time that Scotland needs to decide if it should be an independent country when all prime ministers before you have refused such a thing and tried to prove the strength of the union instead?

Why did you, and the other leaders of the 3 major parties north and south of the border, give a signed pledge of more powers to Scotland yet refuse to say what they will be until just BEFORE the next general election, AFTER the referendum, IF there is a NO vote? If anything can save the union at this stage surly it makes sense to make it public as soon as possible but instead you’ve decided to present it like one of Noel’s big red boxes except you’re not telling us what the banker told you to say until we accept what’s in the box.

Why Scotland specifically? When I think of areas of the UK where there is a definitive split, where the people might have an actual call to reject British rule, it wouldn’t be Scotland. As far as I know it wasn’t the Scottish who were killing people with a high profile bombing campaign throughout the 70’s and 80’s, unless Daniel Day Lewis’ attempt at a Scottish accent is the worst I’ve ever heard, I believe that was the Irish. Why not let Ireland become one national island instead of trying to separate this one?

Whenever I read news reports talking about the “SEPARATISTS” in Scotland I can’t help but feel the biggest cause of separation in the UK is you David Cameron, why do YOU want to cause so much separation? Separation between the rich and poor, separation between the employed and unemployed, separation between health and illness, separation between profit and care, separation between the UK and Europe, UK and Scotland, Scotland and itself, why so much separation?

It is a time when we should all stand together, admit what is really broken in Britain and stand united to become GREAT once more. a real shinning example of hope and humanity in the world but instead you seem to have decided that broken Britain couldn’t be fixed, that it was best to just break things up and sell the parts off for scrap and then have the rest of us argue amongst ourselves to see who’ll get to clean up whatever rotting husk is left over once you’ve moved onto life after number 10.

What is it about Britain being GREAT that you seem to loathe so much you would sooner see it’s people divided and it’s last national institutes privatised enough only to receive large bail outs, tax cuts and heavily subsidised by the taxpayer to make sure they stay in profit for their private shareholders?

So I ask again, why DO you hate Britain so much?

Yours sincerely,
Alan McLean

dear David Cameron, Nick Clegg & Ed Miliband,

if you won’t discuss your plans for scotland after a NO vote, don’t tell us your plans for after a YES vote #hypocritical

Canadian Group Delivering Water to Detroit to Protest Shutoffs


This is kind of embarrassing. You have American’s who can’t find the heart to help these people so now we have the Canadians coming to the rescue. We are thrilled to spend trillions of dollars in war in other countries to “Help Them” but can’t find the heart to put these people on a payment plan they can afford. “Values”?